I try to be a life-long student. As an actor and screenwriter, studying and curiosity is a part of life. So, as an exercise in studying film (and an excuse to watch movies more often than I normally would), I have started to write my thoughts down and publish them for the world to see.

First: I do not, in any way, shape or form, fancy myself a movie critic. I have absolutely no expertise or credibility save for the fact that I’m in the business. Movie critics and movie reviews used to mean something, but now anyone can – and will – be a critic. This, of course, just adds to the incessant noise of the internet, and ultimately leads to no one knowing anything.

So I’ve decided to join them. (Check out my brand new Letterboxd site!)

For me this is an exercise in writing and movie watching. Some reviews may be simple thoughts, some deep contemplations, many gut reactions. My goal is not to try to preach, change anyone’s mind (except maybe in terms of whether or not to watch a film), or try to analyze how any actor or filmmaker could have done anything better or different. That said, I’m sure at some point hypocrisy will rear it’s ugly head, and I will do all of the above – after all, I just love movies, and my passion will (hopefully) spill out into the reviews.

I’ll try to only review movies I enjoy to some extent. As I said, my goal is not to shit on anyone’s hard work. The internet has enough of that. However, if a film is amazingly, drastically overrated and/or I disagree with the population’s general consensus, I’ll likely start spouting off about it. I’m only human.

Have fun reading (if you feel like it) and have fun watching!