Bring You Back was shot a while ago; so glad it’s finally out! I tend to stay away from acting in music videos. Frankly, they just aren’t that fun, and tend not to involve a lot of actual acting. But every once I’ll get a breakdown that is just good. This was one of those times.

It was an added bonus that everyone involved was incredible to work with. Jacob Bryant was a great dude, kind enough to entrust us with this material. The director, Dustin Haney, is a super talent. And it was a rare privilege to act alongside the incredibly sweet, talented, beautiful Crystal Day.

The video premiered on Billboard yesterday, and “follows the storyline of a young couple’s romance and the death of a partner.” Let’s just say, the first half of the shoot was exhausting emotional vomit. The second half was Crystal and I goofing around and laughing. Any time someone asks me to exercise all those muscles in a day, I’ll take a music video gig.