Sign 19-Year-Old Indie Rocker, Zeke Duhon, As Flagship Artist

Matt and business partner Shawn Carnes have announced a new venture, Nashville Underground Management, after discovering Zeke Duhon, a young singer/songwriter from Tulsa, OK, who will act as their flagship artist.

“We were introduced to this young man and were just blown away,” said Carnes. “You have to be superb for that to happen in this town, and when we heard this kid we knew he was something extraordinary.”

About Zeke
Zeke has been writing songs since he was 13 years old. Upon his first attempt, he brought the song to his father who didn’t believe the song was actually his. Since that time, Zeke has composed hundreds of songs all on his own. Still in his teenage years, the Tulsa, OK phenom constantly impresses with insightful lyrics, incredible guitar licks and beautiful melodies. His move to Nashville, TN less than a month ago has already resulted in outstanding accolades and attention, and has put Zeke well on his way to being a bonified star. For him, however, it’s all about the music. Says Zeke, simply: “I’m a guy who likes to write songs. Hopefully these songs can help in some way.” For more, visit

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