Shaken not Stirred, written and directed by Roxanne Nawrot (Producer of the WTF?! Web Series), tells the story – based on real-life events – of Larry (David Dittmore) and Michael (me), a couple searching for a surrogate to bear their  child. Michael is unaware that Larry is hiding a secret that could not only prevent them from starting a family, but also end their relationship. However, Michael has a secret of his own.

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This was my first time playing a gay character (well, an openly gay character) on screen, so I wanted to do it justice. The last thing I wanted to do was “play gay.” I had read that Eric Stonestreet found the character of Cam on Modern Family by channeling his mother, so I set out to find mannerisms and characteristics of strong females in my life who shared qualities with the character of Michael.

There were also a couple emotional scenes I shared with David. These are never easy, but in the moment, when paired with an experienced actor like him, wonderful discoveries can happen. I was legitimately sad he wanted to break up with me at one point haha.

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