Last week I had the opportunity to do the 48 Hour Film Project with Motke Dapp and Drive Media House. The result was a beautiful short film called Lessons In Accidental Magic, where I play Liam (L.I.A.M. – See what they did there?) a somewhat clueless, yet hopeless romantic who stumbles upon a magical cookbook.

During the conception of the film, Motke would periodically run from the writers room and ask the graphics guy:

“So how difficult would it be if we wanted to rip someone’s arms off and replace them with other people’s arms?”
“What if we wanted to shoot rainbows out of people’s hands?”
“How hard would it be to give someone a tail?”

This also marks the first (and likely last) time in my life when I will hear the following phrase yelled on set: “Ok, bring in the chicken!”


And unfortunately (although it was tremendously funny), our delightful co-star, Annie Kearney, got punched in the face… Hit your marks, kids.


I’d like to send a huge thank you to the team of around 40 people who were able to bring this magic to life!

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