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I’ve read several bad reviews of Beauty and the Beast, mostly from people whose advice I very much respect in terms of film, musicals and music in general. I’ll say this: Watch without analyzing or comparing it to the source material. Watch it as a fan. Watch it with child-like wonderment. The film is fun and gorgeous.

– Sure, Emma’s voice is auto-tuned (and British, even though Belle is French… but dammit if she doesn’t look stunning).

– Sure, the CGI Beast looks a little funky (but come on, it’s a stunningly handsome man who turns into a… we don’t know what exactly).

– Sure the dancing was a little lackluster (although, did anyone rave about the dancing in the original? You think a simple farm girl and a “we don’t know what exactly” can dance like Derek Hough?)

– And yes, there were a couple times where I snapped out of it because I was forced to think, “Why did they use that take?”

However, if the goal was a magical, gorgeous retelling of the ’91 animated version… they nailed it.

I’m not a movie critic. I am, however, a fan of cinema. And I walked out of Beauty and the Beast saying, “Man, I fucking love movies!”

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